Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to Make Money with Your Music Productions in Real Time

Being a Music Producer is very ofter hard at the beginning in terms of money making as very often digital record labels, who you're signing up your tracks with, will send you a contract that provides sales payments after 6 months from the date of release and even more frustrating, they will only pay you if you're sales have acquired enough funds reaching the minimum amount established (threshold), from them.

Basically, if you are not a very well known music producer, it will be hard to deal with record labels, who firstly have to accept your work and only they can decide the release date. Not to forget that most of them will only pay you back 50% of the total sales (if you’re lucky).
I am one of those music producers and I wanted to find a solution for this where I could publish and sale my music where and when I wanted, with the price I wanted and get 100% of the sales, instantly. is where it all began, after you upload your tracks, it will automatically generate the links you need to put / promote / share on your Website, Blogs, Social Networks. After the first month, my fans were buying my new tracks through the generated "pay" links and I was getting all money transferred straight into my PayPal account email and immediately. What a great service, and it's always updating with great new features. (Tip the Artist, Live Video Broadcasting, etc.)

Ah, don't take any commission fee from your sales, you get 100% out of your work.

1. You must have a valid PayPal account, there's where you get payed, if you don't have one, register it.
2. Spakki costs only a small monthly fee, which if extended to a longer period will cost you less. It includes: *  All publishing tools to get your music online, including upload, edit price, title, music style and share features support Facebook, Twitter and all major Social Networks.  Storage of your .mp3's. Download them at anytime.*  Online Support to help and guide you through your Spakki features at anytime.

Follow these 5 simple steps below, to get you up and running with your new Spakki account. Your Music is ready, your Fans too, what are you waiting for?

Upload, Sale & Video Stream your Music Now with Spakki!


  1. Register Onine: Go to and click on the shiny green button saying "Sing up here".
  2. Pay securely: After completing the form details, simply click "Create Account". You'll be redirected to PayPal where you can pay the small Spakki account fee (only a £10 a month, if extended to a longer period will cost you less).
    You will then receive a Welcome email and you're done!
  3. Choose an mp3 to upload: Log-in into your Spakki using the same email you have on your PayPal account. You'll find a big "Add Track" button. Click it, choose your .mp3 on high quality track (recommended) and wait without closing the page till your upload completes.
  4. Edit your Track Price: Now that your track has been uploaded, you need to edit the Title and Price. Click the "edit" button next to the track you want to sale and choose the best price for your work. This is up to you, always good no to be too cheap but don't forget, it's always best to make it light for your fans at the beginning.
    I’d also suggest uploading the artwork of your music! It looks always more pro.
    Click "Save" once you're happy. (Note the currency is only in GBP £ but the site will be soon supporting all the others).
  5. Sale your Music: Now it's time to promote yourself! Spakki provides the right tools for this. As you can see, next to your track there is “sale” button, Click that and get all the social tools to promote it. You can also manually copy the track link and paste it in your Website, Blogs next to a nice description of your new music. Once your fans click on this link, they will be able to listen to your music and invited to buy it and only then they will be able to download it (Spakki sends them an email with the unique download). Once they pay, money will be transferred to you and will instantly be notified by email.


  • Share the Spakki links as much as you can, and in different Internet Websites, Blogs, Social Networks. You will have more chances of sales and make more money with your music.
  • Only upload 320kbps .mp3 quality music, your fans will be happy to come back and buy your next releases if they also like your sound Quality.


  • Never upload music you don’t own the rights for. Music copyright infringements are punished by law and Spakki listen to every single uploaded track before allowing you to sale it. If the track is some how using other songs melodies and samples it will be taken down with a notification email telling you why that happened.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spakki Live Streaming is coming SOON!

We are working like donkeys at Spakki! LOL

The new video streaming feature is coming soon! 

It will allow all music producers / artists / djs / singers etc. to perform LIVE from their webcams online while their fans will watch them in real time, from any devices including pc's / mac's / tablets and mobiles. 

We're also going to create a live chat!

Fans will also be able to TIP their favourite artist in real time, all this, in one place: with your fans!

The SPAKKI team

Friday, February 21, 2014

SPAKKI blog created - let's start :)

Hey everyone,

Here is Rosario, the guy behind the portal and I just wanted to welcome you and I hope you enjoy the site. Here in the blog you will find all the technical info about fixes and bugs as well as new features development.

For all support requests and bug reports please send an email to

Exciting times ahead here!
Thanks for your time,
Rosario @ SPAKKI ;-)